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So Disorder played The Red Lion in Bristol last night (19th April). One of the support bands was a band called Dogs of War. A band who are dodgy as fuck and share a member with notorious right-wing scumbags Tattooed Mother Fuckers. If that alone weren’t enough to show you how dodgy these idiots are, they also cover some pretty vile subjects in their songs, one such gem is the song ‘Rape Machine’, which you can find on YouTube, and is a song supportive of corrective rape. 

Some of these concerns were raised with Taf, the singer of Disorder, via facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/events/220139781519662/?fref=ts  
(scroll down and it’s the second post, the one with the gig poster)
In response to a link to their song Rape Machine, all Taf had to say was ”don’t you like them?” Apparently not liking the sound of them is more important than not liking their condoning of corrective rape.
Disorder have played twice before with Dogs of War so obviously don’t mind the abhorrent nature of their songs.
Apparently their rather dodgy following was also highlighted and ignored.

At the gig, people were spat at and had to endure racially motivated and homophobic abuse by boneheads sporting Skrewdriver and Close Shave shirts, who’d turned up to watch Dogs of War. When word got out and people turned up to confront them, they were defended by Taf as they’d paid into the gig.  To top it all off, this was meant to be a benefit gig raising money for legal aid towards an immigration appeal!

It’s great to hear that people turned up in response to the presence of boneheads here, but it’s also really fucking sinister that this kind of shit was allowed to happen, especially after the problems that it would cause were highlighted to the organiser. It’s reminiscent of a gig last year in which the UK Subs played with dodgy grey zone fucknuggets Pressure 28. This year alone has seen a number of fash gigs (under the guise of being A-political punk gigs) go unchallenged in the UK (Pitbullfarm/TMF/Pressure 28 in Coventry in January to name one.) These scumbags are trying to ease their way into the wider punk scene, and are growing bolder all the time, this shit cannot go unchallenged or it’ll get out of hand very soon. We need to up our game. 

We also shouldn’t stand for bands who are not necessarily part of the fascist scene but give these idiots a platform. We should be calling them out on this shit. Otherwise it’s going to get worse.

Fuck Boneheads. Fuck the Grey zone. Fuck Disorder.