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the kurdish city of kobanê in western kurdistan (northern syria) is under increasing pressure of being invaded by ISIS, or the islamic state of iraq and syria (also known as IS or ISIL).

kobanê (ayn al-arab in arabic) is a strategic location placed on the border of turkey because the border actually slices the city in half. there is a turkish side (ceylanpınar) and the syrian side (kobanê/ayn al-arab).

surrounded by a high powered, extremely rich terrorist group who is increasing in numbers by the day, the kurdish forces continue to struggle. the ypj (women’s protection unit) is the main coalition protecting kobanê from the invading ISIS members. a commander decided to suicide bomb an ISIS tank because she knew it was the only way to prevent the city from being taken over.

the kurds are working on determination and passion for their country. their weapons are decades older than those of ISIS. when the kurds say they need western help, they mean they need weapons. just weapons, not man power.

over 200,000 kurds have spilled across the border into turkey with about 3,000 fleeing into the KRG. resources are sparse;the weather is hot. it is not a good thing to be a refugee in kurdistan during the summer because the summer can kill you.

on top of resources being sparse, the turkish government along with some european countries (germany being one of them) has been sending refugee relief groups moldy, expired canned foods. the turks started handing out extremely moldy bread which was a flashback to when the turks handed out poisoned bread and food to kurdish refugees back in 1988.

thousands have died. hundreds are being forced to turn back from where they came because turkey refuses to leave the border open. it wasn’t even open until the first week of october when massive kurdish protests forced the turks to change their mind and allow the refugees to flow in. but just because they are within turkish borders, they are not safe. the refugees are being shot with water cannons and tear gas. an old refugee was shot and killed by the turkish army for moving too fast. they are shooting at anyone who tries to cross the border into syria to help kurdish forces but allow potential ISIS fighters to cross into syria with help.

the kurdish people need your help. WE need your help to spread the word around that turkey is not instigator and that it is the main culprit to why this has gotten out of hand. they have taken no side but their indifference has allowed ISIS to grow uncontrollably.

we need YOUR help to spread the word about what is happening to the kurds because no news station cares about us enough to discuss our casualities. WE NEED YOU to keep everyone informed. if you need more clarification on what is happening, just check out this poorly written post about kobane and why you should care about it.